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Zayn Malik. Watch the video here. In the video, Zayn is making love to a girl, who bears an uncanny resemblance to the supermodel, making his fans wonder if

it's a way of expressing the pain he's going through. Fans were devastated when Zayn Mailk and Gigi Hadid broke off their relationship this past March. He has no family here and he's so far away so I understand that life because I lived that life. Whatever went on behind the scenes of Maliks and Hadids relationship, its clear they cared deeply for one another. The couple-who had taken the world by storm with their adorable display of love on social media, took to the platform to announce the news-which left many fans shocked. Heres what, malik had to say about Hadid at the time of the breakup in March 2018: Gigi and I had an incredibly meaningful, loving and fun relationship, and I have a huge amount of respect and adoration for Gigi as a woman and. And some people actually fell for the painted on beard and asked for selfies with the make up artist! Instagram goes into meltdown as Ford Model is compared to for former One Direction heartthrob. The similarities go beyond their physical looks and extend to their shared love of jewellery, well worn leather jackets, jeans with large holes and even their habit of Instagramming in black-and-white. Peek-a-boo: Even with his mouth covered, Shyan screams Zayn with his bushy eyebrows and blonde hair. So many people were coming up to me to take selfies. But that, it turns out, was merely an act of renewal and rebirth, so to speak. Liam and Niall are not the only members of the band with amazingly similar female lookalikes. A few years ago, Liam Payne freaked out when he saw a photo of two young girls who looks scarily like him and. This story was originally published on December 16, 2014. (Yes, we know that Zayn has his female alter ego, girl Veronica, from the "Best Song Ever" music video, but these girls aren't a Ben Winston creation.) Do you think they look the same? In a February 2018 interview with. My Life Has Changed So Much In The Last Year Zayn Malik Opens Up About His Private Life. "She has such an incredible soul. We'll see, I truly believe they're all on their own journey. The video comes just a week after Malik deleted all photos of Hadid from his social media accounts. When all hope seems lost and Malik feels he's out of options, the woman frees herself from harm's way, showing Zayn that she's just as willing to fight as. Even Hadids mom, Yolanda Hadid, loved the pair together.

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From his dark and inviting eyes to his perfectly groomed facial hair to his razorsharp cheekbones. Be true to who you areapos. Tapos, april 12 with a very interesting video. Shyan is a doppleganger the One Direction star can be proud to resemble. In recent weeks, the Like I Would star also has an Arabiclanguage tattoo of his own. Inked up, zayn faced a media frenzy as he stepped out in New York City on Thursday evening. From his dark and inviting eyes to his perfectly groomed facial hair to his razorsharp cheekbones. Apos, maliks been busy with preparations for an allnew musical era.

And also does anyone else think the girl in let me by zayn looks alot like Gigi, hadid?!Saumya Dhingra saumyadhingra) April 12, 2018.Fans are convinced that, zayn.

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Where he can be seen romancing Sophia Jamora. But w dont think this transformation would fool any hardcore Zayn stan up close. And if Let Me is an ode to the love Malik had or still has for Gigi. Sartorial twins, m just a momma to him, itapos. Then that just makes it all the more beautiful. S image or endorsement, he uses his Instagram account to highlight his own work with magazines including GQ Thailand and vman magazine. Then it seems like Malik will always have a place in the Hadid family. S me, re not even joking, leather jackets, shyan also shares Zaynapos. S love of jewellery, despite Shyan making it perfectly clear that he is not exploiting lincoln Zaynapos.

After Mailk fights his way to get to her, she's seen being held at gunpoint.Scroll down for video, brother from a different mother?Could the real Zayn Malik please stand up?